Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spring Things

So spring is in the air, sort of, and I'm really excited about this! Not only because it means we're one step closer to orders and sunshine, but because of the spring trends I'm seeing! 

Before you guys get excited, please keep in mind that I dress fairly conservative and don't really understand fashion 99.9% of the time. One thing I like is the light colors for women and bright colors for more of the young guns. Not to say that I'm old... but my taste in clothing is changing.. and neon is not a go to in my closet. 
these don't exist on the site they're from, but I found some at TJ Max! 


Source now you might wonder why I chose a top for curvy women.. because I have things called boobs and shoulders, these things make wearing button up shirts extremely difficult. 


Such a fun color for lounging about! These are my favorite trends right now.. sort of. I mean, there are more, but I am not nearly as adventurous enough to wear them or even think they can go in my closet.

So I have randomly stumbled upon Ruche, they have a bunch of super cute styles, spring trends and even just trends for the simple looks. I die. I need the creators of this site -or anyone fashionable- to sit around and be on my bum about this junk.. seriously! I wear the exact same clothes week in and week out, no fun, no style... when I curled my hair a couple weeks ago .. people were shocked. I guess I kinda got into the "no one sees me, so I'm gonna look lazy" routine, I also started slacking at the gym.. whoops! I hope you all have a beautiful start to a beautiful week and are thankful for the little things -like that Valentines Day is coming!

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MrsMcDancer said...

I saw mint skinny jeans at JCPenney and I think they will be added to my wardrobe soon. If you have the pink ones, we'll complement each other ;-)