Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February goals recap + march goals

So February ended and I cannot believe it. Seriously feels like we just 2015 and now it's March of 2016.. I dislike time going so quickly at times. Anyways, I'm sure you're curious about how my goals for February went and I am here to tell you ... it went badly. I'm sure a mixture of this was because of the wedding and it being winter, but here's a recap. 

Go to church: Did not happen, not once. While trying to pluck up the gumption to go... I got nothin else.

Read Devotionals: I have been on and off with this habit. I started SRT's Lent book and still doing a mix of Savor. It's still awesome for me and a good habit!

Organize Office Areas: SUCCESS! It's amazing what having a couple of organized areas can do for you. The "office" in the living room is good to go and I have my "craft" desk that is also my bible study area.

Sew Something: Nope.

Photography: I did some ring shots, but that's it. I did schedule a few shoots for March/April so that'll be a blast!

Date Night: Nope.. we planned our honeymoon though!

So while I had a mediocre month with my goals, I just succeed more in March so I will set some of the same goals and some new ones soooo without further ado here's my March goals.

Go to Church - oh hey, yeah trying this again. So I was able to meet some people who go to the church I am interested in and feel a little more comfortable.. Plus writing it down in my planner, dry erase calendar and in my phone will help me stay on track.

Style my Hair - As I unsuccessfully tried to do a french braid the other night, I wanted to challenge myself to do more to feel feminine.

Make the Bed - Oh so important to start your day the right way and we got really lazy in the last year with not making our bed.. soooo I'll be working to make my bed and tidy up my room daily.

Spending Freeze - So with planning our honeymoon and taking into account that I need to really put some savings aside I am not buying clothing, makeup, coffee (like caribou, you know I need my coffee)  or spend money on food from any fast food joints!

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