Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eric's Birthday Weekend

This last weekend Eric turned the big 3-1 and since we couldn't head over to the Twin Cities like originally planned, we did a little local celebrating. 

Grand Forks had its annual art festival going on downtown, so after spoiling Eric with a breakfast and spending almost 2 hours at the dealership getting his oil changed, we headed that way. I'll give Grand Forks some credit with their festivals, they do a good job! Eric was excited to break in his birthday gift of a Vivofit and get in his steps, which we definitely did.. and then some.
After walking around for a bit we went down to the Toasted Frog for dinner. An amazing restaurant that never, ever disappoints. I had the grilled fish tacos and he had a steak gorgonzola pizza. Desert was a pear pie with cinnamon ice cream. The pie was eh, but the ice cream was so so soooo good. After dinner we were definitely tuckered out so we headed home because the next day we were to take the 2 hour drive to Itasca State Park with Diane, Eric's mom, to finish up the epic birthday weekend. 

The next day we woke up incredibly early to get on the road which included lots of talking, Starbucks and of course Eric and his mom pointing out that I'm a terrible navigator. I hate to say this is true, but it's because I refused to read maps and only look out windows and now I move to ND and have to watch for deer?! But I digress, while pulling into Itasca we saw this grumpy lookin' guy! Sherman is his name and no I didn't get close enough for him to snap my fingers off. 

So a fun fact about Itasca is that it is the headwaters of the Mississippi! It's a little crazy to go into the waters of the Mississippi since I spent my early childhood playing at the banks and in a creek down the way from my grandparents.. and no, the water wasn't cold. Now for a photo dump! A few things we did: Hiking the headwaters trail, taking the Charles Chester II and had some walleye chips at the Douglas Cafe. The only thing I would not do again is the Charles Chester, we figured it was an hour long ride, nope, it was 2! Took up most of our day, but because it was raining it was okay. I like to think this was a great birthday, and I'm sure Eric would agree. 

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