Friday, March 6, 2015

5 Things | You my boo!

 It's that time again, time for you all to know 5 reasons I love this man. 

1. We had a pretty interesting week or so right? I like that even when life throws curve balls that I can rely on you. I might get stressed and freak out inside, but you calm that down in about 2.5 seconds. BALLER!
2. Did I mention you're a baller? You took care of me while I was in a butt load of pain and that means a lot. Coffee and breakfast in bed? CHECK. 
3. You "push" me out of bed in the morning and gently remind me to get up. Thank you. 
4. My coffee mugs are always clean and you don't mind doing the laundry. 
5. You make my heart happy. It's the craziest thing to have someone that mid-day stops and makes you so happy your heart might burst and he's that person for me.

1 comment:

Mike said...

It makes me so happy that you are truly happy and at peace with this man in your life.