Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

So I know it's Tuesday night, but this weekend was a lot of fun and to be totally honest this new 7AM to 4PM shift is taking some getting used to. I've been spending most of my week getting my space at work decorated and I will post sometime soon of all the cute things, but there is a preview below. 
My work was completely unique with my name.. cause I don't use it anywhere else *cough* my blog link *cough* 
But I was hanging out with my coaching lead this week and she was all "hey, keep up the good mood/motivation" and what is more motivational than being a hustler? Nothing. 

This last weekend was full of lots of fun things! My very best North Dakota friend Tresa is having a baby girl #steeviethewonderbaby who has her own hashtag because her mama hates hashtags or "hash browns" as T calls them. 

At Tresa's baby shower! I cannot wait to meet Steevie. I gave my lovely friend and her family some sweet baby clothes and a year of photography! This was just my way of being around the baby all zee time! 

Right after the baby shower Eric and I went and watched the Sioux vs. Duluth game and I was paying attention.. didn't mind it too much! Despite the Sioux loosing it was still a good game, but those boys need to start taking shots more! 

Had to have a kissing picture #duh and I know that Eric will love this. 

We had pretty decent seats thanks to our work.. aside from my vomit tasting chili cheese fries which made me very sad. 

Here is another daw moment. 

So we had a pretty lazy Saturday and then Sunday Eric decided to take me to Devil's Lake which is about an hour and 40 minutes out from Grand Forks. We went to a restaurant (which I forget what it's called) and saw Bubba the giant lobster. He is a big guy. 

So the big reason we went out to Devil's Lake is because I'd never been there and Eric is on a kick of showing me how pretty North Dakota is/can be. So far, its working. A few weeks ago we went to Langdon where his family is from and that was gorgeous and now I can say that I've seen the most frozen water I've ever seen! I mean there's a lot of it.. and it's creepy eerie. We drove up the lake most of the way and were going to go to a view but it was closed so we went to lunch and then drove back toward Grand Forks. 

On our way back I wanted to walk on the ice before since I'd never done it and as much fun as it is I don't really think I'll be doing a lot of walking on huge frozen lakes. For starters, Eric drove the big truck out there F-150 and that was scary -to both of us- and then I was like "I'm gonna go to those pressure cracks over there" Yeah I made it like 10ft out before I decided I was too much of a chicken to go further. 

Gorgeous view of the sunset. 

My frozen lake selfie #nodakbucketlist 

So after getting off the ice and sending an email titled "I walked on a frozen lake and didn't die" to my dad we stopped off at a field and watched the rest of the sunset. Overall I'd say last weekend was pretty dang amazing, as most of my weekends have been in the last month + of Eric showing me around. 


Kenya said...

Looks pretty from the pictures. I would have been so nervous walking out on the frozen lake!

Acacia Winters said...

I was super nervous! Thanks for commenting btw and welcome to my blog :)

Jenna Griffin said...

This looks like so much fun!! That sunset is beautiful!