Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where'd ya go?

So it's been awhile, again. I know this isn't very surprising, but I have made a goal to blog more and to take advantage of this being one of my creative outlets. This last year had been an interesting one where I just had to deal with a lot of stress. 

I guess I should start with what the heck has been going on the last few months. I got a seasonal promotion at work that went bust because of a lack of permanent positions. Between then and now I went home for the first time in almost 7 years, but I'll dedicate a post to that in a few weeks. When I came home my apartment was trashed. I mean there was trash, dirty dishes, clothing and just... ugh... so many things. I know you're all wondering why, well I'd asked Mike to move in repeatedly since August because he didn't have a bed or a place to live.. he also didn't really have the funds to do anything. I felt bad and I made a bad decision. I broke up with him and it was nice.. it felt like we were able to be friends. 

Around this time I started to hang out with my co-workers more, we had a weekly dinner at a local place called Rhombus Guys (delicious) where we would draw inappropriate things on the table and just hang out. It was after our first dinner that Eric and I decided to not go our separate ways and hang out for the rest of the night (11/28). After a fun night of talking and listening to music while driving all over the Grand Forks I went home where I thought about Eric, a lot. We have a lot in common and I just kind of sat around for the next week doing my hair, wearing makeup and enjoying the crush that I had discovered. I didn't realize that Eric was in the same boat -we had one thing that we didn't see eye-to-eye on- and the next weekend when we all went out to dinner our mutual friend Amy kept asking why we wouldn't just "date" among other ideas that she had for me. But when they all left for the night Eric and I went around and chatted about our wants in life, what we want to do, where to go etc... and it was around 530 in the morning that we decided that we were a "thing" now and, I quote, "this is happening, huh?" 

So on 12/6/14 Eric and I decided to date.. and for the last month + has been pretty freaking amazing. But now I'll leave you with a pretty sweet picture and the promise to post more in the very near future!
PS this is us at a UND (Sioux) game last night (1/9/15) where I actually watched, and enjoyed with my sweet hunky man. 

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Kenya said...

Glad to see you are doing well!