Monday, January 4, 2016

Facebook Break

My name is Acacia and I signed out of Facebook and deleted it from my phone and I would like to now explain why and how it feels. 

Either you live under rock or you are completely separated from the world to not know that our world is in constant turmoil. From racism to presidential elections and all of the terrorist and terrible acts in between.. one can't help but feel anxious. We are constantly being updated on the bad things and then there's the comparison factor. 
Oh I see so and so's husband bought her a full frame camera, bag AND 45 carat diamond earrings. Great, my life doesn't compare to that. 
I see how great it all is on Facebook, Instagram and inside blogs and I can't help but want to run away crying because I feel inadequate to them. I mean, if you get gifted a freaking brand new Lexus and are complaining about it, I want to punch you. That's not very Christian of me, but it's the truth. But it really started on Christmas as I watched the soon-to-be niece and nephew open their modest amounts of gifts and then pulled up on Facebook to just see a sickening amount of gluttony. 
Your kids do not need 10+ "big" gifts, they need a couple books, a toy and maybe some clothing and a giant box, lets be real. Between that and the constant negativity, I needed to get away. 

So I did. 

And guess what? 
I don't have any shakes, my mind has been less concerned with others and more connected to what's going on right in front of me. 

Instead of spending my lunch breaks doing mindless surfing on the internet I've actually been getting things done! I managed to write out that business revamp I'd had sitting on my desk for the last 2.5 weeks and start getting that going, and I spend dinners out with Eric and not on my phone. 

I also haven't posted to Instagram as much, twitter is my friend again -I'd been ignoring it- and yet I'm not fully consumed in them like I was with Facebook. I'm not refreshing and refreshing to see what's new and what terrible Buzz feed video I can watch. I forgot they existed for a minute. 

I will sign back in around Feb and see how it goes, mainly because I have a re-launch for my photography pricing so I kinda need it. So stay tuned to that, but don't expect me to be re-downloading it to my phone. 

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