Monday, December 14, 2015

We're Engaged!

So I dropped a bombshell that we got engaged, I'm sure that most of you are dying to read how/when it happened and I don't want to disappoint so here are the major details: 

It was a Monday a week before our anniversary and I had no makeup on.

Seriously. I mean, sure Eric was nervous when I got home and had texted me earlier to find out where I was, I didn't think anything of it. I figured he was hiding my gift -I snoop, get over it- and he wanted to make sure everything was hidden when I got home. 

Instead when I walked through the door I said "where were you at?" because I knew he was buying my gift, and he asked if I wanted my gift then and to help him stop being so nervous, so I said yes! I am not one to turn down gifts when offered.. so he comes out of our room with a ring box and says "I went and got this ring, and I was wondering if you'd marry me?" 


I was incredibly shocked! I mean for real, I asked him "seriously?!" and he said yup! I said "yes, yes, of course!" and then he put the ring on my finger. There were happy tears and smiles, maybe a trip to target, and I got to run down the hall to my best friends apartment to tell her/show her the ring! 

the wonderful engagement gift from Shay :) 

Now we didn't announce it for almost 30-ish hours because we couldn't get ahold of my dad, but thankfully everyone was very happy and are excited to come party with us in North Dakota! 

So here's to planning a wedding and becoming a Reinhardt in 2016! 

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