Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wedding Wednesday | HELLO!

This is my first link-up for Wedding Wednesday, but definitely not my last! I should probably preface this with that I've been not-so-secretly planning my dream wedding on Pinterest for the last year. Let the crazy year of wedding planning begin! 
So this is a cute picture, I happen to do photography and happened to have conned this man into a kissing picture. #score. 

First things first I am a planner. I make lists, so I went out to find the perfect planner that didn't cost a fortune. Thankfully TJ Maxx has my back in this department and I found this gorgeous 2016 planner for a fraction of the cost a day designer would cost. Best part? It's got both Whitney English AND Emily Ley esc styles involved! 

I can't complain about the quote on the front either, 2016 is gonna be the bees knees! 

The Date: 10-8-16
Second thing we figured out was the date. In our small circle of family and friends there was one or two things we had to keep in mind for picking our date: 
1. Eric's mom's birthday 
2. Harvest
Unfortunately the first date I thought would work was his moms birthday and I immediately changed it.. Harvest is either going to be just beginning or getting ready to begin on our date and since its close to home for all our farming family I think we'll be okay! 

Last thing I figured out, aside from where was the colors. I used to be all about the summer wedding, and then I realized that fall/winter held so much more for me from the fact that it was fall when I met Eric, and technically fall when we started dating, and the color schemes work better for me too. So without much further ado, our colors! 

I can't wait to share more with you guys as the planning process continues. Next week will be a glimpse into ceremony/reception ideas and decor! 

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