Sunday, December 8, 2013

Canvas | LOVE!

So a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to get a free canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints to test out. Now being that I am a photographer who has an obnoxious amounts of pictures of other people I decided do hold a contest with my five favorite prints from 2013 and the winner was.....


So first thing that I noticed about this canvas was that it was true to color. As a photographer I have high standards for getting prints/canvases made, the biggest thing I've noticed about Target and Walmart prints are that they always change my color! Second thing? The image is clear, crisp and just plain beautiful! I know that Sam & Tori were extremely excited to have won and get a canvas and I was just as excited to offer this opportunity to gift such wonderful clients. 
I highly recommend you get a canvas from Easy Canvas Prints for three very awesome reasons. 

1. They are affordable! Anyone want a wonderful canvas, but can't afford one from a photographer? Well they offer multiple different options, prices and they always offer deals! 
2. Delivery is fast! I got this canvas in less than a week after ordering, they are on par with my photo labs! 
3. Quality! I am a big fan of quality, duh, and like I said they offered such a great, quality product that I am definitely going to be looking to using them again for future gifts and maybe prints of Brutus. 

Thanks for the opportunity! Also, if you guys are expecting a homecoming, or need an amazing t-shirt made check out their affiliated sites! and
**Product was provided by Easy Canvas Prints, but all thoughts and opinions on this product are my own** 

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Jane said...

So beautiful! Such a great picture! They are my favorite place to get prints from!