Thursday, September 12, 2013

I moved..

Well we both moved.. technically three of us.
We moved across country to North Dakota.
Our last picture in front of our first house together. It was bitter sweet, I left my sister and some pretty amazing friends. I feel as if I'll never meet their dopple gangers in North Dakota, but we'll see. 

We hoped in our cars on August 25th and went to Montana that night. We decided after that initial night out that we would go camping so we found a place about six hours away and drove about six hours. Boulder River in MT.. its a little north of Yellowstone. 

Our family picture after Brutus dug out about twenty rocks from the creek. 
We managed to drive through to Miles City the next day -after a short stop in Billings, MT- and then to Fargo, ND
It was a weird feeling when we finally crossed the boarder to North Dakota. I was really doing this, moving with A and we were going to figure it out as we go along. Then again .. I have this crazy guy who I'm lucky to call mine (my boyfriend and my best friend) and while a lot of crazy things have happened.. I am comfortable saying that this is going to work out no matter what. 

Our first night in North Dakota we realized that 1. we left Bru's favorite toy in Miles City (moms bad) and 2. that this place isn't nearly as bad as everyone said. We went to Granite City Brewery and they were so gracious to allow us to come in a few minutes before the kitchen closed, but it was worth it! Delicious flat bread pizza, great beer sampler and a brucheta chicken salad. If you're ever in Fargo.. GO THERE! 

The next day we go to Grand Forks, we get in and literally start looking at houses.. see the tricky think about this city is that they aren't too keen on big dogs and you all know we have a 95lb bundle of love. We had discussed buying a house when we found out about the house situation, but didn't expect for things to move so quickly... I got a job Labor Day weekend and A bought a house.. yeah in one weekend. 

Oh well this is a little update and we hope to be getting into the swing of things in the near future, maybe a give away from my work and of course letting you all know how the move goes! 
I do hope that Oct 10th gets here soon.. our king sized bed and my FULL closet is calling my name. 

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MrsMcDancer said...

Yay new job! Yay new home! The pics from your journey are beauteous.