Sunday, March 10, 2013

what to blog...

what to blog... oh what to blog...

should I tell you about how A left? Yeah, he was home about three months, now he's gone to GA for the beautiful weather, golf and did I mention that beautiful weather?! Also, it looks like for the next 5 months I wont see him :( are just too expensive. 

I can tell you that my best fried is getting married, she's marrying the love of her life and guess what else.... SHE ASKED ME TO BE HER MAID OF HONOR!!!! This is extremely exciting since I'm normally behind the camera, not in front of it, and also I get to witness these two love birds getting hitched :) I'm a fan. A big fan. 

I can tell you that my relationship with Christ has gotten stronger, I've been able to just sit back and embrace everything that He is and that He has planned for me... whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, sad or even incredibly happy I'm able to sit and pray.. just being thankful and steadfast in Him has caused my life to be more still.. I used to be so frustrated, but now its kinda like I take a step back, deep breath and thank God for everything I have and for giving me the trials and challenges that come with my life/job. 

My job is insane, people are so, so rude on the phones! Seriously. You would think that when you call customer service that you would A) be polite and B) would be understanding when I can't actually do something about a situation they caused.. i.e. if you drop your phone on the toilet seat and it falls in.. therefore breaking the screen AND having water damage, but you didn't add insurance on it.. I cannot get you a new phone.. sorry.. you have the opportunity to buy insurance 30 days after activation.. BLAH! -yes people do that, but worse than that are the creepy guys who call in.. doing the (you know what) and ask how big your chest is.. swear to God, this job is interesting/gross- 

So now that A is gone, Bru is crazy and my job is kinda.. well.. nuts AND while we're waiting for orders -A says perhaps April!- I'm getting back into fitness. Taking my booty to the gym by 6AM Monday thru Friday and starting to have more boldness in my fashion. I'll be attempting to link up to blog hops and fashion things. I'll be talking about those things that I'm sure you don't want to hear about, sharing my opinion on some things like the clarisonic, almond milk and my dog gaining all his "big boy" weight ... my baby is growing up! :( Any ways, thanks for sticking with me, have a fun day!!! 

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