Monday, January 21, 2013

I have an iPad

So... I got an iPad from A for Christmas.. pretty nifty, right? But I have NO idea what apps rock, what social media I need to connect with and 

Look at me all fancy with my iPad, but what to do?! 
Ps I dyed my hair 

Remember when I was blonde? Yeah, nope, natural color boomsikizzle! Until I decide that being a brunette stinks and go for blonde again -any bidders? 

SO any advice for the iPad? I wanted a blog follow app that allowed me to comment, but alas, I still need my computer! And I would LOVE for some cute areas to get some accessories.. I have this extremely boring one from A. 
So yeah.. HELP! 
PS... She reads truth is starting the Soul Detox devo, so anyone wanna be buddies & have a weekly discussion via skype or email? Let me know in a comment with your email ooOOOoooR email me at: hellolovelyblogATblogspotDOTcom 
till next time ladies 

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