Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently | July

Hooray for a linkup! I've been fairly absent from link ups recently, and blogging. The last week my bosses were in Amsterdam without the kids and I've been, you guessed it! With the kids. For starters, kudos to all moms everywhere and second.. I think I can be a mom now. This experience has been challenging and amazing, but more on that later. 

Currently I'm...

CRAVING | Sleeping in and a nice dinner out. These kids get up between 5 and 630 in the morning and I am the kind of person who gets to bed around 12am. A nice dinner to my favorite Mexican place would suffice as nice, and grownup time.. I miss grownups. 
GRILLING | So we don't have a grill, but I would love Sunday breakfast on our cast iron skillet if it's over a campfire ;) 
LISTENING | I've been rocking to late 90's early 2000's music, bring on the Britney! But also turning on Rend Collective and Bethel music for the kids and myself during breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
PLANNING | A maternity session and engagement session. I have a session for a lovely girl that's having twins on Wednesday and Monday is an engagement/pre-deployment session for a couple referred to me. I'll be bringing the bug spray this time, since my last session I was eaten alive! 

DECORATING | There isn't a lot to decorate, but I recently acquired a night stand that needs to be refinished so that will be my project next week. I'm thinking of going with grey or mint color, but not completely sold. 
Thank you to Jenna and Anne for an awesome linkup! 


Katie @ Cup of Tea said...

Oh man. I hear ya - I have just one kid and I miss talking to grown ups! Here's hoping you get some good rest soon (and Mexican food!!). Swinging over from the Currently Link Up!

Jenna Griffin said...

Congrats on the photography sessions! Definitely bring along the bug spray!
Thanks for linking up!